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Message from the Executive Director

Growing up in Providence, I attended John Hope as a toddler and graduated from Hope High School. I received my B.A. Degree from the University of Rhode Island (Kingston, RI) and M.A. Degree from Clark University (Worcester, MA). As the new executive Director I am proud to say that great and exciting things are happening at John Hope Settlement House, and we invite you to experience them with us.

Along with our faculty, staff, and board of directors, I am excited about both the transformation of our organization and the journey ahead of our mission. We are looking forward to working with community members, and organizations on establishing positive relationships to uplift and improve the quality of life for individuals and families. 


Thank you in advance for exploring our center and we look forward to working with you and the community at large. 


John Hope exists to provide leadership through comprehensive and dynamic human services, community outreach and advocacy for children, youth, and families in Providence and beyond that result in improving their lives.


John Hope responds to and embraces the interests of all ages and all ethnic groups within a diverse and changing community.


John Hope envisions being the multi-service center in the City of Providence. We will provide high quality, well-managed, supportive services to improve the lives and conditions of our stakeholders. 








John Hope Settlement House is the culmination of an organization formed in 1929 "by public spirited African-Americans of Providence and vicinity for the purpose of meeting and servicing the social and recreational needs of the people of color, but without any prohibition in its service to other individuals and groups.

As stated in the original articles of Association, "It shall promote opportunities and facilities, not to exclude any group, but particularly to include in all of its activities participation of the Negro (Black) citizens of the community" (May 11, 1939)

    -Insert from the book John Hope Settlement House  (1929-2005)


Chairman- Terrence Green

Vice Chairman- Joesph Garnett

Treasurer- Larry Brown

Secretary- Charlena Suggs

Andrew Pereira

Robert Evans

Thomas P Whitten

Barbara Ellis

Stacey Spike-Brown

Sybil Bailey

Tilda Lewis-Grant

Paul Fitzgerald

Board Meetings are held

the second Wednesday of the month.

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