John Hope Settlement House is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives of State and local leadership, community members, and business. Seventy-two percent of our Officers and Board Members are representative of a minority population, reflecting the rich diversity of our communities.

Board Image

Board Members:

Hon. Joseph Almeida

Lorine D. Bibbs, MSW

Jorge Cardenas

Beverly A. Cardoza, M.Ed.

Elizabeth Z. ChaceĀ 

Sharon G. Collier

Marcus Mitchell

Lela M. Morgan

Tomas E. Ramirez

Mason Santos

Clotilde J. Taylor

Rev. Jeffrey Williams

Board Officers:

Board President:

Matthew G. Stark

Vice President:

Frank E. Tabela


Peter McCormack

Assistant Treasurer:

Judith A. Covington


Wil Fleming



President and CEO:

Peter D. Lee, MSW